Biological Scientists

Biological scientists examine and investigate the morphology, structure, and physical characteristics of living organisms, including their inter-relationships, environments and diseases.

Entry Reqirements

Honours, Bachelor's degree

Typical Tasks

  • Monitors the distribution, presence and behaviour of plants, animals and aquatic life, and performs other scientific tasks related to conservation not performed by Job holders in MINOR GROUP 215: Conservation and Environment Professionals.
  • Advises farmers, medical staff and others, on the nature of field crops, livestock and produce and on the treatment and prevention of disease.
  • Observes the structure of communities of organisms in the laboratory and in their natural environment.
  • Researches the effects of internal and external environmental factors on the life processes and other functions of living organisms.
  • Studies the physical form, structure, composition and function of living organisms.

Desired Skills

Reading Comprehension, Active Learning, Critical Thinking, Active Listening, Writing, Science, Monitoring, Speaking, Mathematics, Learning Strategies

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