Aircraft Maintenance and Related Trades

Jobholders in this unit group fit, service, repair and overhaul aircraft engines and assemblies. Licensed aircraft engineers are coded to UNIT GROUP 3113.

Entry Reqirements

Level 3 NVQ; A Levels

Typical Tasks

  • Maintains comprehensive repair logs.
  • Maintains, repairs and rebuilds aircraft structures, functional components, and parts.
  • Examines and inspects airframes and aircraft components, including landing gear, hydraulic systems, and deicers to detect wear, cracks, breaks, leaks, or other problems.
  • Replaces engine components or complete engines, installs and tests electrical and electronic components and systems in aircraft.
  • Fits and assembles parts and/or metal sub-assemblies to fine tolerances to make aircraft engines.
  • Examines drawings, manuals and specifications to determine appropriate methods and sequence of operations.

Desired Skills

Learning Strategies, Science, Critical Thinking, Mathematics, Reading Comprehension, Writing, Active Listening, Active Learning, Monitoring, Speaking

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