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Boston College > Courses > Introduction to Catering

 Introduction to Catering

Subject areas: Catering and Hospitality

This course will provide you with a Level 1 unit in Cookery and is suitable for the unemployed and people looking to find work or training in the Catering and Hospitality industry.

You will spend 1 day a week for 2 weeks in the training kitchen, North Parade, Skegness where you will learn practical skill and cookery of different dishes.
The course will include practical sessions on how to prepare and cook: vegetables, pasta dishes, meat and poultry, bread and dough, as well as knife skills.
No formal qualifications required but you will need proof of your unemployment to be eligible for this free course.
This course is free for those that are unemployed.
You will spend 1 day a week (9.30am to 4.00pm) for two weeks at the training kitchen in Skegness.

You may be required to conduct up to 1 hour of independent study.
Quick info:
1 Level 1
2 2 Weeks

Extra info

There is no exam or assignments. The course is roughly 80% practical and 20% theory.

You will be assessed based on your practical skills and knowledge shown through questions asked.
Successful completion of this course could lead to employment in front of house, food production or catering, an Apprenticeship, or further training on a level 2 qualification provided by the College such as the Professional Cookery Diploma Level 2 or the Food and Beverage Service Diploma Level 2.
You can apply for this course by applying online
By filling out an application form from the College prospectus
Or, you can contact the Information Officer on 01205 313218 for further information.

As this course is run in conjunction with a Boston College partner - First College, you can also apply direct to them by calling 01754 610197.

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