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Boston College > Animal Care

 Animal Care

Within our ever expanding, on-site Animal Care unit we have: bearded dragons, snakes, tortoises, chameleons, geckos, rabbits, mice, degus, parrots, budgies, and many more small animals, birds and reptiles!

You will study theory and practical units and with the use of a rota you will get to assist and take 'hands-on' responsibility of the animals in the unit, enabling you to build up valuable industry experience and skills. You will learn about, and carry out, daily tasks to maintain animal accommodation, undertake practical animal feeding and handling, maintain animal health and welfare, and study the behavior of a huge variety of animals.

Case studies

Corey Hart and Hannah Dobson

We have a huge variety of animals in Boston College’s Animal Care unit. The practical side of the course involves interacting, handling and caring for the animals. Read more...

Megan Lacey

I chose to study the Animal Care course at Boston College because I want a career as a Customs Dog Handler... Read more...

Department news

Brand New Animal Care Facilities Open at Boston College

Boston College’s Animal Care department have launched into their exciting new venture this September, by opening their brand new Animal Care facilities on the Rochford campus.


Career Corner

  • Zoologist
  • Animal Management Technician
  • Animal Keeper
  • Kennel Worker
  • Animal Trainer